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The Art of Healing

Chronic Illnesses, Obesity and Addictions, with Diet, Nutrition, and Alternative Medicine

Marc S. Herlands JD Gary J. Shima MD

226 pages
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This is the autobiography of Mar Herlands, an attorney, who was crippled by chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and anger management issues beginning in November, 1974 at the age of 26. For the next 17 years, his doctors could not determine the causes of his problems nor offer any forms of extended relief. By the age of 43, March had become constantly exhausted, in chronic pain, very depressed, morbidly obese, and suicidal. Without hope of discovering the causes of his illnesses or finding remedies for his illnesses, he felt he had no reasonable choice but to take his own life. But then, in 1991, after leaving his fate up to God, his luck changed. His wife's relentless desire to find a doctor who could heal her husband paid off. They were led to Dr. Gary J. Shima, MD, who had dedicated his medical practice to helping those chronically ill patients who were difficult to diagnose and treat. Though it took many years to discover all of the underlying causes of Marc's health problems, and even more years to recover from all of his illnesses, Marc has finally reached his goal of full recovery.

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