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Kiki De Venus

Nellie Kartoglu Deniz Nala Kartoglu

38 pages
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Kiki De Venus lives with her mom on the planet of Venus. She often takes a space shuttle to visit her dad who lives on Mars. Each time she passes Earth on these journeys, Kiki is mesmerized by the life of the Earthians. One day she slips away from the space shuttle and parachutes down to Earth. Kiki meets a space dog called Snooty Pooch, and the two begin their adventure. Snooty Pooch introduces Kiki to a very special thing the Earthians are known for – music. Music brings Kiki and Snooty Pooch to Cutie Boop, a girl who loves watching the night sky. Kiki, Snooty Pooch and Cutie Boop become friends.
Author Bio
Nellie Kartoglu is from Kyrgyzstan, a small country in Central Asia. She was born and raised to a family of mixed backgrounds and cultures. Nellie taught literature to young kids and university students and worked with the United Nations. She has lived and travelled in many different countries in Asia and Africa and is now living in Geneva, Switzerland, with her family. The story of Kiki De Venus was inspired by the fantasy drawings of Deniz Nala.Deniz Nala Kartoglu is a student at the International School of Geneva. She was born in Ohio, USA and lived in Kenya, where her African origin name Nala comes from. Deniz Nala started drawing before she learned to hold a spoon, and has drawn many funny characters, which came out of the different bedtime stories her mom used to tell her. Kiki, Cutie Boop and Snooty Pooch were the favorites for many years and lived many exciting adventures until one day Deniz and Nellie decided to share some of those adventures with you.