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Learning Lace Tying

The Dance of the Coloured Shoe Lace

Samya Engelbrecht Marvin Paracuelles

24 pages
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If your child has ever sat in front of their shoe with their shoe lace undone“‘cause it’s tricky to do” then The Dance Of The Coloured Shoe Lace book is for youIs shoelace tying diffi cult, frustrating, boring and avoided?… left undone to become a tripping hazard?Do you by pass lace up shoes altogether?The answer!Learning Lace Tying: The Dance Of The Coloured Shoe Lace—is a fun children’s rhyming story which takes kids and their parents / care-givers step by step through the lace tying process, demonstrating use of theEZI-LACE-UPS™—unique tri-coloured shoelaces using colours to make shoelace tying fun, interesting and easy to see “which bits go where,” building confi dence. Even colour blindness is catered for!With 100% success rate since 2003, used by parents / care-givers, teachers, Occupational therapists, Vision therapists and other professionals with students from prep to high school.EZI-LACE-UPS™ originally designed in 2003 for my 4 year old daughter Sarah to overcome her frustration and confusion with shoelace tying, She instantly gravitated towards the colours & within 2 attempts had mastered shoelace tying! The most priceless look of delight on her face and shine in her eyes-confi dence soaring!Shoelace tying: Once an avoidable task… now an achievable goalHelp children join the ever growing number of success stories saying “I did it all by myself!”To order EZI-LACE-UPS™—visit www.concept31.com.au—great for Kindy orientation packs and fund raisers.CONCEPT 31 donates from sales to under-resourced children
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As a full time mum of 4 children, constantly living with tight finances, I always said that if I could come up with an invention which made 50c profit on every item I sold, and sold 1 million of them, then I would be on my way to financial freedom… … Freedom to then help others on their way to financial freedom…Little did I know how true this would become when one day, (sounds like a fairy tale!), in 2003, I asked my 4 year old daughter Sarah to show me how she tied her laces. We had been trying to teach her for a while because it was a Prep class goal. After a little encouragement she tried once more becoming frustrated and upset, her confidence sinking to an all-time low. I watched with determination to understand her dilemma and solve it! Like the proverbial “light bulb” it hit me-She couldn't "see" which bits went where!Instantly I developed a teaching shoelace—creating the tri-coloured EZI-LACE-UPS™—demonstrated in The Dance Of The Coloured Shoe Laces— (selling our old much loved wind-up campervan to help make it happen). That same evening I wrote the book, which 10 years later, you now view/hold.My heart’s call is to support not only my children but under-resourced children of the world. Hence Concept 31 was born, modelled on the Biblical Proverbs 31 to send royalties from the book/shoelace sales to children in need. To order please visit www.concept31.com.auSamya Engelbrecht