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Wisdom for the Journey

Ellen Shuck

206 pages
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Wisdom for the Journey, is an inspiring collection of true-life scenarios. Ellen Shuck shows that life is indeed a journey filled with bumps and unpredictable perils and pitfalls. Yet in spite of the unpleasant and seemingly insurmountable obstacles that you encounter, life is filled with mountain tops, joy, and promise as well. She writes in a style that is both serious and meaningful, but also interesting and filled with hope. She offers lessons in motivation, endurance, and the resiliency of human beings. Shuck has broken each life lesson into a brief section. Each story has a moral that you haven't thought of before. Her reflections and stories appeal to all ages and walks of life. Shuck draws from life experience and her background and education in psychology, spirituality/religion, and philosophy. If you need a boost, more insight, or an interesting read, this book is for you. People encouraged Shuck to write a book, so here it is.

Author Bio

Ellen Shuck, MRE, is a freelance writer and writes a newspaper column for the Southeast Missourian newspaper. She is also an adjunct professor at Southeast Missouri State University, where she teaches religion. Shuck is a trained spiritual director, a public speaker, and currently maintains an office in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. She has also authored articles and given talks centered on motivation, inspiration, depression, and resilience. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, a master’s in religious education, and is a former director of religious education at St. Mary’s Cathedral Catholic Church in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Ellen is married and the mother of three children. She resides in Cape Girardeau with her husband, Don. If you want to read more of Ellen Shuck, visit her web site at ellenshuckselfhelp.com. You can also contact her at ellens1@charter.net. Read her blog at www.semissourian.com/blogs/1953 and follow the link to the blogs.