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Passion Driven

The Secret to Starting and Growing Your Own Business

Tayo Ayinla

186 pages
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Working for others to earn a salary may be a comforting adventure at the initial stage of one’s work life; but ultimately, it could mean the worst form of slavery. As someone rightly puts it, devoting your time, skills and energy to another man to earn a fixed income is bondage of a high order. It simply means you have transferred the determination of how your life turns out yo someone else!But how about risking everything to become your own boss where you are in the driver’s seat of your destiny? Are you afraid of taking the plunge? Or peradventure, you are already on your business but struggling with making it work. There is nothing to worry about anymore.Passion Driven, written by Tayo Ayinla, provides a practical roadmap you can use in either case. In this fascinating and highly illuminating manual, you can learn:* How to discover a good business idea* How to discover your God-given passion* How to raise finance for your business* How to survive challenges of entrepreneurship* How to grow the business into an empire that can take care of your life style* How to get out of paid employment successfully and become your own bossAnd many more.Passion Driven is laced with practical steps which the author used to negotiate himself successfully out of paid employment and build a thriving business. Follow the steps carefully, and with an open mind, you will be in charge of your destiny.