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The Very Small (Obviously) Book of the Philippines

An Englishman’s View of What Should Be Paradisse

Graham Michael Barton

160 pages
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Graham Barton is an Englishman. Having lived for most of his life in the cold, wet, dismal climate of England, he decided to spend his twilight years in the Philippines. At the age of nineteen, Graham set up and operated a successful company, Battle Orders Ltd., which specialized in weapons, arms, and armory for the movies. Having visited the Philippines during his travels, he developed a working relationship with Emily Poyos, and together they bought land on a tiny island called Higatangan and opened the now-thriving Emponet Barton Beach Resort. His experiences of life in the Philippines led him to produce an affectionate tongue-in-cheek look at this fascinating yet sometimes annoying group of islands. His hobbies of Latin, ballroom dancing, and the martial arts are so much more enjoyable under the delightful hot sun of the Philippines.