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What is REACH! As opposed to reach? REACH! With an exclamation point portrays emotion. It is me yelling to you. It’s tiny, five foot tall me, raised to my tippy toes on the sidelines of your life screaming from the top of my lungs to you, “REACH! Damn it! REACH!.” This book is about magic. It is about creating something out of nothing. It is about bravely closing your eyes, pushing through your fear, and reaching for something that is not yet within your grasp. Once armed with the lessons and stories in this book, you will have the essential skills needed to achieve all of your dreams. For the first time ever, the job you want, the spouse you seek, the house, the car, the education, and the accomplishments you yearn for are all within REACH! If this sounds unlikely or even impossible, keep reading, as I share back-to-back stories of people like you who thought that their greatest aspirations were pipe dreams too. Then something amazing happened in each of the lives I showcase in this book. They learned a skill never taught in school, rarely dissected in books, and seldom talked about amongst peers. They learned how to REACH!.
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Stacey. Ann Marie, and Christi have built several multimillion-dollar organizations in the United States. Stacey is co-owner of one of the largest real estate organizations in Massachusetts, a coaching and consulting firm, and a law firm. Ann Marie has built a phenomenally successful real estate business, has been featured in Newsweek, and is a highly sought-after stylist. Christi is a published stylist, Huffington Post blogger, and owner of Lily-Mack Farm in Massachusetts. In 2013, the three women launched a wildly successful subscription accessory startup, MyLittleBlackBox.com, and now focus no showing others how to REACH! For their greatest dreams and ambitions.