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Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Use the Secrets of Your Own Brain to Unleash Your Success at Work

Nora Simpson

216 pages
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Praise for Get Ahead & Stay Ahead "Nora is the greatest financial teacher I have ever experienced. By following the principles outlined in her book, I was able to quadruple my income in three years."—Barry Keating, Tony-Award Nominated Broadway Composer "Nora Simpson had a huge positive impact on my professional life, helping me land a dream job leading an exciting high-tech growth business. I was delighted to discover that Nora brought the same wisdom, warmth, humor and can-do spirit to her new book that she brings to her live coaching. Get Ahead and Stay Ahead is a must-read for anyone who knows instinctively that they can have a more successful and rewarding career but just needs a little help along the way. Nora combines cutting-edge brain science with practical advice that is accessible to everyone from the entry-level job-seeker to the Executive Suite. Nora is an original and not to be missed."—David Lampert, President, HotDocs Corporation "Nora Simpson's charming, witty, and crucial collection of insights on navigating the working world is a must-read for anyone joining the workforce, from recent college graduates to more seasoned professionals." —Lee Bynum, Associate Director, Mellon Mays Undergraduate, Fellowship, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
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Nora Simpson is widely recognized as a business pioneer and the creator of the field of Experiential Neuroscience. Nora has implemented her groundbreaking neuroscience-based business tools with more than 100 companies in over 50 industries, and more than 10,000 individuals to create radical breakthroughs in revenue, profit, productivity and fulfillment.