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The Art of Positive Leadership

John E. Michel

688 pages
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Nothing fully prepares one for service in a combat zone. When I was selected to command the NATO Air Training Command Afghanistan and the 438th Air Expeditionary Wing in Kabul, I had almost a quarter century of uniformed service to prepare me for this dynamic assignment. "Dynamic" because the mission would be to develop an independent, self-sustaining Afghan Air Force… in an active war zone. The book you hold in your hand is a collection of the most important lessons we learned. Lessons which anyone, be it a parent, pastor, politician, soldier, teacher, or office teammate, can use to begin transforming ordinary interactions into powerful, positive experiences. War zone not required.

Author Bio
John is a widely recognized expert in culture, strategy, and individual and organizational change. An accomplished, unconventional leader and proven status quo buster who has successfully led several multibillion-dollar transformation efforts, he is committed to leaving the world better than he found it.Connect with John at @JohnEMichel or www.GeneralLeadership.com.