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Reap As You Sew

Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking

Chris Boersma Smith

118 pages
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This why-to-quilt book with over 90 color photos will resonate with spiritual quilters everywhere! "Whether your faith embraces the orthodox, the unconventional, or you're simply open to something more, if you have even the least leaning toward or desire for a deeper drive and connection between creativity and spirituality, Reap as You Sew offers you thought-provoking illustrations and reflections, as well as practical steps to foster and grown those connections. This is a book to savor, underline, dog-ear, and share with a friend-but perhaps only for a while. Because Reap as You Sew is a book you will read and re-read, knowing that with each new encounter you will find something fresh, true, and meaningful."-Marie Bostwich, New York Times bestselling author of A Single Thread. Enjoy true stoires about quilters of different faiths who experience the emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, and communal benefits of making quilts. See how spiritual creative processes can produce relaxation, fill depleted wells, inspire self-awareness, and help you handle intense feelings.
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A quilter for two decades, Chris Boersma Smith considers textile art her scared passion. Chris believes creative pursuits can help every woman become the unique work of art she was created to be. She hopes this book will help quilters find new ways to pursue their creative passions with greater joy than ever. Chris is active in quilt and art groups, including Christians in the Visual Arts, the International Association of Creative Arts Professionals, and Studio Art Quilt Associates. She has created over 125 quilts, raning from traditional bed quilts to contemporary fiber art for the wall. Her quilts have won numerous awards and netted thousands of dollars for charity. For ten years, Chris has hosted intimate quilt retreats, and she cherished the deep connections and breakthroughs that happen in that setting. An avid student of theology, spirituality, and scripture, Chris is an alumna of Georgetown University and the Monastery of the Risen Christ School for Charismatic Spiritual Directors. She has served in a broad range of ministries. She's also a member of the Kaizen-Muse Certified Creativity Coaches Coalition, and the Kingdom Training Institute's Convergence Coaches' network.