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There's an Owl in the Closet

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Seven-year-old Davey loves animals and brings home any he finds that are hurt, lost or homeless. He likes to help them until he knows that they are okay and loves making up songs about them! His family—especially his nine-year-old sister, Lily—is very grateful that there are no elephants or buffalo roaming the neighborhood! But what if there were? That’s what There’s an Owl in the Closet is all about! Please visit Donna D’s website at www.donnadhere.com for a free download of There’s an Owl in the Closet sing-a-long song! The sing-a-long song, “There’s an Owl in the Closet,” was written by Donna Douglas Walchle and produced by Trammell Starkes. The singers: Humza Khan, Ameenah Khan, Azaan Khan, Zain Khan, Coen Walchle, Jordan Fulbright, Kymberlee Jenkins, Hosanna Brown and Haley Campbell. Great job, kids!