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How Do You Look Like You?

A Book About Genetics

32 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

Have you ever wondered how and why you look the way you do?

Delve into this introduction to genetics including information about genes, DNA, traits, mutations, and so much more through diagrams, illustrations, and informative and engaging text. Each of the six questions examined in the book are given a silly answer before the true answer is revealed making this an approachable way to learn nonfiction. Back matter includes a glossary and activities to further learning.

Questions answered in the book:

• How do you look the way you do? Learn about genes and what they do. 

• How do you get your genes? Discover where your genes come from and where they are in your body. 

• How do you get your hair color? Explore dominant and recessive traits.

• How do some people get freckles? Learn about different mutations in genes and what they can do. 

• How do you get to be as tall as you are? Dive into the differences between acquired and inherited traits. 

• How do my genes make me look different than my brother or sister? Take a look at how genes can be passed down. 

About the How Do series: These fully illustrated nonfiction picture books are a great introduction to various STEM topics. Each title includes facts and figures, simple diagrams and hilarious illustrations and is written in a question-and-answer format to encourage readers to ask questions and guess the answers before exploring the science behind the correct answers.

Author Bio

Victoria Rea is a science communications specialist who lives in Guelph, Ontario. She has a PhD in molecular biology and genetics and studied how the microbiome affects brain development. Victoria loves science and art and works to bring awareness to scientific knowledge by making it easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

Srimalie Bassani lives and works in Mantova, Italy. Her mother has always encouraged her artistic expression, and she is the inspiration for her passion. Her work is full of surprises. She always tries to diversify her style based on every story she illustrates. It's almost impossible to remove her from her writing desk, where she keeps a stack of books and teacups of many colors.