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Penguin Parade

20 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

Introducing Penguin Parade. Get ready for an amazing adventure with penguins in this super cool book by talented nature photographer James Roberts.

Read along as we travel to icy places and meet all kinds of penguins. Learn how they swim like fish, see how they take care of their babies, and find out what to call a bunch of penguins hanging out together – whether they're on land or in the water!

Imagine seeing penguins up close, in their icy homes. James Roberts took some awesome pictures, and readers will feel like they're right there with the penguins as they turn the pages.

Penguin Parade is not just a book – it's a ticket to a penguin-packed adventure. This book is the perfect companion for animal lovers, nature lovers, and anyone who likes to have fun while learning. Get ready to dive into the adorable world of penguins with James Roberts and his fantastic photos. Let's go have a penguin-tastic time!

Author Bio

James has been a professional wilderness guide since 2006. While working in our planet's remote and beautiful regions, he loves taking photos of the natural world he visits and sharing them with others. He hopes that it reminds people how important it is to protect these amazing wild spaces.