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Snuggle When We Read This Book

Joe Fitzpatrick Marco Furlotti

32 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

The best family snuggle time is when a book is involved!

This beautiful picture book is an equally endearing follow-up to Whisper and features a cozy duo of koalas, parent and child, preparing for bedtime. The little koala adorably suggests they snuggle while they read before bedtime and ultimately falls fast asleep.

Author Bio

Joe Fitzpatrick loves stories! He loves to hear them, see them, live them, think them up in his head, tell them to others, and (occasionally) write them down. When he writes them down and other people see them, read them, share them, tell them to others, twist them around and make them their own, it makes him happy. So he hopes you enjoy his stories, and he hopes you share them with others, because stories are more fun when they're shared!

Marco Furlotti is an author and illustrator of children’s books and has worked on a number of titles in a variety of languages. He lives with his family on the Appennino Emiliano, near Parma, Italy and has worked with many publishers across Europe and the United States.