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School Bus Safety

Becky Coyle juanbjuan oliver Elmira Eskandari

32 pages
Flowerpot Childrens Press

Traffic safety matters.

One of the first chances we get to teach this subject is as young ones start riding the bus. In School Bus Safety, Deputy Becky Coyle uses adorable rhymes and illustrations to teach young students, in a fun and engaging way, the importance of knowing and following the rules. This addition to the series includes the important steps to approaching, riding, and exiting the bus in a safe and friendly manner.

The School Safety series’ goal is to explain school safety to young children in a fun and engaging way. Created by a deputy sheriff and school resource officer, these books are informative and engaging with the goal to help children understand the importance of safety in their schools.

Author Bio

Becky Coyle combines her passion for writing and her work as a deputy sheriff and school resource officer to create informative and engaging books that help children understand the importance of safety in their school. Becky lives in Tennessee with her husband, John, and their two dogs, Rookie and Cadet. She is the proud mother and grandmother of four wonderful children and five exceptional grandchildren.

juanbjuan oliver was born in Mallorca, Spain and grew up drawing monsters, animals, and superheroes. As an adult, Juan decided to spend his life focusing on what he’d always loved doing: drawing. He now spends his days as an illustrator for children. His favorite part about his job is creating things from his imagination that young Juan would have enjoyed.