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Cutting Edge

Sharlie Pickering

48 pages
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Portraying characters of the Bible could be a daunting, unless the hand of God was on such a task it would be challenging. Motivated by the many characters of the Bible and the creativeness instilled by God within, this book was made possible. This book of Poems is diverse, challenging and entertaining. Poems that will capture, enthrall and inspire the reader. It will motivate the reader to relook at the Bible and its stories with fresh eyes. It is poetically appealing and yet simple to understand. Take the journey and find the cutting edge of reality between the lines.
Author Bio
Sharlie Pickering was born in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) but lived most of her adult years in Australia.Her love for poetry goes back to her Colonial up bringing in Ceylon. She was taught the English system of English Literature, Her love of the old English poets inspired her to write poetry. From a young age, Sharlie penned her thoughts in poetic form.Soon she was a teenager living in Melbourne, with a new culture and new social experiences. Through a dark period in her life, she stumbled on the God factor. During this time the negative experiences wove its way deep into her heart and poetry.Sharlie now lives in Brisbane. Sharlie's life changing experience with God has found her working with marginalized people of society and is now involved in out reaching the Indigenous Community in out back Australia. Sharlie is also an abstract artist and is working on a novel.