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If Life Was a Game

What Would Be the Aim? Think and Build Your Happiness

Keyan Mianji

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If life were a game, what would be the objective? This is a question the author has asked himself, his clients, and his friends for quite some time, with some very interesting responses. Some give a scientific answer, to survive and replicate; some say, I don't know, but by far, the most common response is to win. What does iy mean to win? This is where most people get stuck. To the author, this is like playing a game of soccer and having none of the players on the field know what the objective of the game really is. There are very few people who clearly understand what the main objective is and how to go about achieving it. Most people are simply playing the game, not really knowing the goal of the game. That is why the author felt the need to explore this topic and to share with you what he has learned.
Author Bio
Keyan Mianji was born in Baltimore, Maryland while both his parents were studying at universities in America. Three years later, the family moved back to Iran, and then to Sydney, Australia, as a result of the Islamic revolution around 1981. Mianji completed a medical science degree in 1996 and attempted the GAMSAT exam for entry into medicine, but missed out by a very narrow margin. His luck changed when he was given an opportunity to work as a laser hair-removal therapist for Babak Moini and Dr. Ronald Binetter. He was made a junior partner, and over the ensuing years, managed to buy out the partners and own three clinics outright. It was after the darkest years of his life, when he was completely lost, that he began a journey to find true happiness.