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I am American

Hani Al Hadidi

328 pages
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The man whimpered against the shadow, laying deep in thought. No one could tell what was running through his troubled mind, but he finally gave up, reached into his handbag and took out a set of printed-out pages. He sled them towards the shadow.˜Thank you. I'm sorry it had to come to this, but it is for the greater good, you should know that. Now if you don't mind, I have work to do.' The shadow took out a silenced gun.˜A gun? How the hell are you going to cover this up?' The man asked in surprise.˜Don't worry. We have ways of covering things up. Goodbye.'The man straightened up, expecting the final blow. They stared at each other a good long while, when the Shadow pulled the trigger, letting out a bullet right between the man's eyes. Blood splattered everywhere and as sudden as the first drop of rain, the world ended for him.
Author Bio
Hani Al Hadidi has a bachelor's degree in chemistry, an MBA in marketing, and a PhD in thesis-marketing. He is a professional author, having written several political articles on American policy in the Middle East. Al Hadidi founded the Arabs Post newspaper in 2004 and wrote his first book on marketing systems in 2007. He is also founder and developer of several business companies such as G-TECH and Progold Egypt. He is also a member of International e-marketer society. “We all know that with great powers come responsibilities, as citizens we are all proud to proclaim our patriotism. We are the strongest, but are we the greatest? Only he who dares the responsibility shall stand up and say ‘I am American.'”