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Fact or Fiction?

Nicholas Nurston

90 pages
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This book sets out to provide answers to the following questions: Why are we here? Were we meant to die and what happens to us when we do? Is there a supreme, intelligent energy source in the universe, able to determine such things? People of all cultures have posed these questions for millennia. Why are we so different from all other creatures? Even a well-known professor and ardent evolutionist acknowledged "man has indeed, unique qualities."

Author Bio

Nicholas Nurston, born into a working-class environment in 1935, has asked the same questions since childhood. With an intense love of science, he qualified in electrical, mechanical, and electronics engineering, progressing to senior management in design, research, development, and technical sales—all the time searching for answers to his questions about life. Then, fifty-five years ago, he decided to begin a study of the world’s oldest and most popular book to see how it compared with the findings of respected scientists. He has spent an average of three hours every day since that time drawing those comparisons, and in doing so, discovered that scientific evidence is often confused with chance. He is perhaps even able to say what happens to us after death; in 2001, Nurston was revived during extensive surgery at a teaching hospital, after which his surgeon told a group of medical students that he "should not be here."