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Hidden Treasures

Louise Dupont

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This is the true story of André, a young man who touched the lives of many people in many different ways, though his own life ended far too soon. It is also the story of Louise’s transformation as she grappled with her son’s death and gradually came to see their relationship in a new light. Suicide is a difficult topic to broach but it is eloquently presented here in the form of a tale. A creative writing assignment penned by a very young André serves as a prelude to Louise’s story. Louise’s decision to share her story in writing was cathartic as it allowed her to find serenity and peace following the tragedy of her son’s death. If you are trying to make sense of significant and defining moments in your life, this moving story of love and hope may be just what you are looking for.
Author Bio
Born in 1954, Louise dupont worked for many years at the St.Boniface branch of the Winnipeg Public Library. She has always had a keen interest in spirituality and healing. As well as being cathartic, writing this book has given her the opportunity to explore these themes.