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Kittens and Cats

A First Reader

281 pages
Library of Alexandria
I am the Queen of all the Kittens. I am the Queen! the Queen! Come, all you kittens and cats. Hear what I have to say. To-morrow I give a grand party. The party will be in my palace. You are all invited from the biggest to the littlest, from the oldest to the youngest, from the blackest to the whitest. So wash your paws and shine your fur. Forget your naughty tricks and do not one of you dare be late to your Queen’s party. To-morrow at one o’clock. I am Granny Gray. I am very, very old, but I am going to the Queen’s party. I am grandmother to a great many kittens. When any of them are naughty their mothers always send for me. When any of them are sick I always know what to do. I teach them how to sing. I teach them how to scratch. I teach them how to catch mice. I am very, very old. They call me Granny Gray.