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Handbook of German Idioms

118 pages
Library of Alexandria
This collection of German idioms is presented in the hope that it will prove helpful to teachers and students of the language, and that it may contribute in a modest way toward making the sentence rather than the word the unit of treatment in the study and acquisition of the language. The German language is full of idioms, the meaning of which is poorly grasped by the student, because he never becomes liberated from the individual word. The idioms have been compiled in large part from the Muret-Sanders Encyklopädisches Wörterbuch, from the Flügel-Schmidt-Tanger Wörterbuch der Englischen und Deutschen Sprache, and from Hetzel’sWie der Deutsche spricht. Various considerations prohibit even an approach to completeness. The same considerations forbid the use in most instances of more than one English meaning, although many of the idioms, especially those of everyday conversation, have a variety of finely shaded meanings depending upon the connotation and intonation. Only occasional use has been made of the vast treasury of proverbs and popular quotations in the language. The alphabetical arrangement according to key-words, while open to objections, presents itself on the whole as the most practicable.