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Critics Versus Shakespeare

136 pages
Library of Alexandria
After her woeful honeymoon, Katherine becomes an ardent suffragist and imposes household duties on Petruchio, who submits tamely to petticoat government. At a meeting of the women, man’s doom as a political or domestic power is announced, but Katherine, Mariana, Viola, Desdemona and Lady Macbeth hark back to the past and twit one another on exciting episodes in their respective careers. They are on the verge of a quarrel several times, but kiss and make up and begin all over again. This sisterhood of sweet, sympathetic souls determines to be true and loyal to the suffrage cause and compel the submission of their husbands. Before they leave for the club-house Katherine gives Petruchio permission to invite a few friends for a quiet evening. She instructs Grumio to serve nothing but barley water and to see that his master goes to bed at ten o’clock. Before his guests arrive, Petruchio tries in vain to have something stronger substituted for this insipid beverage. Macbeth, who is the first to appear, is delighted with the prospect of a gaudy night. He imagines that the bowl is filled with barley bree, his favorite tipple. As the others come in there is hearty greeting all round which, however, turns to dismay when the cups are charged and tasted. Grumio is sent out for stronger ingredients, and returns with turpentine, furniture polish, cider, grape juice, pepper pods, etc, which are emptied into the bowl.