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Library of Alexandria
For a brief account of the life and works of Pérez Escrich, see Julio Cejador y Frauca, Historia de la Lengua y Literatura Castellana, Vol. VIII (pages 56-57), Madrid, 1918. In the exercises there is an abundance of direct-method material. Each of the exercises consists of four parts. The first part gives simple grammatical questions. The second contains idiomatic expressions to be committed to memory and to be used in the formation of sentences. The third part gives questions on the subject matter of the story which are to be answered in Spanish. And the fourth contains connected sentences to be translated from English into Spanish. Those teachers who prefer that the students in the elementary classes should not translate English into Spanish may postpone or omit altogether this part of the exercises if they wish to do so. The editors are glad to take this opportunity of expressing their thanks to Professor Juan Cano, Mr. Antonio Alonso, and Miss Madre Merrill of Indiana University, and Dr. Alexander Green and Miss Ellen E. Aldrich of D.C. Heath and Company for their valuable assistance in the preparation of this book. E.C.H. L.R