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A Hymn on the Life, Virtues and Miracles of St. Patrick

Composed by His Disciple, Saint Fiech, Bishop of Sletty

Saint Fiech

17 pages
Library of Alexandria
As this specimen of the language spoken in Ireland about 1200 years ago, is here published, not only for the elucidation of our apostle's history, but also for the gratification of the lovers of Irish literature in general; the Irish original is accompanied, on the opposite page, with an English translation of the whole. In this translation, the literal meaning, and idiomatic expression of the words and phrases, are adhered to in all such stanzas as the editor (with the aid of some members of the Gaelic Society, particularly conversant with subjects of this sort) could fully understand: for he acknowledges that neither he nor these gentlemen are so vain or disingenuous as to pretend that they comprehend the whole of this very ancient composition. In order to obviate any objection which may be made against the passages in which the editor differs from the author of the version of this hymn, in Colgan's collection of our patron saint's lives, the Latin translation adopted in his edition, is also subjoined to the poem, at the bottom of each page. To the hymn are added some short notes, illustrative of the subject. Vindication of St. Fiech's Hymn, in Answer to Dr. Ledwich's Objections