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The Little City of Hope:A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Library of Alexandria
HOW JOHN HENRY OVERHOLT SAT ON PANDORA'S BOX Hope is very cheap. There’s always plenty of it about. Fortunately for poor men. Good morning. With this mild retort and civil salutation John Henry Overholt rose and went towards the door, quite forgetting to shake hands with Mr. Burnside, though the latter made a motion to do so. Mr. Burnside always gave his hand in a friendly way, even when he had flatly refused to do what people had asked of him. It was cheap; so he gave it. But he was not pleased when they did not take it, for whatever he chose to give seemed of some value to him as soon as it was offered; even his hand. Therefore, when his visitor forgot to take it, out of pure absence of mind, he was offended, and spoke to him sharply before he had time to leave the private office