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Adventures of Anoo and Pashmack

Salmeh Moghimi

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Remember, different eyes see different things. The beauty of life is to see what you can see. Anoo and Pashmack is a joyful and imaginative tale of what humans, especially children, can learn from their animal friends. Anoo (an endearing nickname given to the author by her young niece) and her fluffy white cat Pashmack (cotton candy) explore life by discovering creative and playful ways to see and feel the beauty of their surroundings through different senses including the intuitive sense. Whether hanging out by an imaginary beach, standing on their heads, looking at the world upside down, or twisting and spinning, Anoo and Pashmack remind us that there are so many different ways to see life that it can never be boring.
Author Bio
Salmeh Moghimi, interspecies counselor and educator, has a background in counseling and transpersonal psychology. She has worked with children and adults and has witnessed miraculous healings, but none as profound as when she has seen the bonding and love develop between humans and their animal companions. Her deep love and respect for animals has led her on the journey of learning and becoming an interspecies communicator. She lives in Northern California with her family including her four furry cats. This is Golnar Sepahi's first children's book. Golnar is a Vancouver-based art teacher, artist, illustrator, and mother of a beautiful little girl named Olivia.