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Dying to Control

The 21st Century Dilemma

Leon Hayduchok

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The story of Adam and Eve”one of the oldest and most widely cherished stories in human history”has been misused and abused in the battleground of America's culture war. Dating back to the Scopes Trial of 1925, evolutionists and creationists have been tearing this story apart in their fight over the origin of man, losing sight of one significant detail: the story of Adam and Eve was not written as a scientific treatise but as an account of human nature and our relationship with God and one another. Dying to Control offers a fresh and provocative look at the Garden of Eden drama, revealing how the story of Adam and Eve is our story. This penetrating work exposes our obsession with control and the extreme lengths we go to preserve and promote the self. This overdue commentary on American culture offers a compelling perspective on how to experience the fullness of life in a world dying to control.
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Leon R. Hayduchok is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Utica, New York. With a master's degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and nine years of pastoral experience, Leon brings seasoned insight to navigating the joy and pain of interpersonal relationships. In 2010, Leon, along with his wife and three daughters, relocated to Houston, Texas, where he now offers his distinct perspective and style to a broader audience through his writings, seminars, and workshops.