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Charter of Negative Liberties

Defining the Bill of Rights and Other Commentary

C. Diaz

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C. Howard Diaz analyzes the US Constitution and Bill of Rights in his new book, A Charter of Negative Liberties. While listening to a speech from President Barack Obama, C. Howard Diaz was shocked when Obama referred to the Constitution as a charter of negative liberties. Diaz explains that he couldn't believe a president of the United States would ever say anything like that. It was because of this that he started writing. In A Charter of Negative Liberties, Diaz breaks down the Bill of Rights in layman's terms and gives readers his explanations of how it, and the Constitution, are being misconstrued and abused. Diaz introduces the reader to the concept that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are documents that define political freedom and do not discuss any moral or social issues. America has been tricked into believing our Constitution and Bill of Rights is somehow less relevant than it should be.
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C. Howard Diaz is an American of Mexican descent who grew up in South Central Los Angeles. He started working at age nine; at age seventeen he joined the military and by age twenty became a staff sergeant and was discharged one year later in 1958. He later worked a number of jobs, including a machine shop loader, production control supervisor for a company building helicopters, and even did a short stint in the bar business, later running a consulting company and publishing a technical magazine read in twenty-two countries.