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Dee Disheau

264 pages
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This is a novel whose blunt honesty brings alive the trials and tribulations of a woman trying to carve out a palce for herself in a society that was not yet ready. The path began on a hot dusty country road and led all the way to the cyber highway. It follows the life of a poor child with rich dreams. We relate to the bumps in her road as she strives for self-fulfillment. It takes us up close and personal to the ties that often tether us to our childhoods. We understand why Todi could only fly so high. Ultimately, her roots had the same effect as stepping on chewing gum on a hot summer sidewalk. But she would not compromise her ideals. This book is "faction"-part fact, part fiction. It begins with a dream and ends with a dream.
Author Bio
Dee Disheau is the recipient of Top Teacher, Outstanding Educator, Achievement Award for her contributions to the intellectural growth of North York. She is the author of several short stories and educational publications. She is also a mom, a granny, and a great grandmother. Dee believes that if we are going to make a difference, we must start with the children. She has worked with thousands of them.