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Ancient Tales and Folklore of Japan

288 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

This enthralling collection brings together over 50 ancient tales from Japanese folklore, gathered and retold by 19th century traveler and naturalist Richard Gordon Smith.

During his journeys around Japan, Smith recorded ancient Japanese myths and legends in his personal diaries. The result is a fascinating collection of historical legends from all over Japan, with themes including ghosts, unrequited love, Shinto landscape, tree and ocean spirits, samurai culture and tales driven by Bushido and Buddhist ethics.

Gordon Smith's writing combines a realist style with supernatural elements, resulting in an anthology of 'magic realist' tales which will bewitch and captivate readers.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus World Mythology series brings together captivating retellings of myths and legends from different oral traditions, from Greek and Roman to Norse and Native American, offering rich insight into their cultures and beliefs.

Author Bio
R. Gordon Smith (1858-1918) was a celebrated English naturalist and travel writer who spent many years in Japan, recording the customs, culture and mythology. He was awarded the Fourth Order of the Rising Sun in Japan.