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Moon Signs

Your Lunar Astrological Guide

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
Astrology is seeing a huge resurgence among Millennials and Gen Z, particularly on TikTok.
Author Bio
Marion Williamson is a best-selling astrology author and editor. The Astrology Series (Arcturus 2021), co-written with Pam Carruthers, comprised 12 separate books, each a detailed, deep dive into the fascinating Sun sign characters, showing how to lead a happy and fulfilling life. My Mind Won't Shut Up! (Trigger 2021) was co-authored with her sister Linda. The sturdy-legged Scottish pair decided the world needs a panpipe-free, no-nonsense meditation book for ordinary people with money worries, weird families and short attention spans. The Little Book of Astrology and The Little Book of the Zodiac (Summersdale 2018) consistently feature in Amazon's top 20 astrology books. Written to encourage beginners to move past Sun signs and delve into what can be a lifetime's study. Marion has been writing about different areas of self-discovery for over 30 years. A former editor of Prediction magazine for ten years, Marion had astrology columns in TVTimes, TVEasy, Practical Parenting, Essentials and Anglers Mail for over ten years.