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Tarot for Self-transformation

Your Journey to Happiness Mapped Out

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

A mix of tarot, self-help and psychology, this book will give readers the tools to create the life they have been wanting.

TikTok currently has over 30 billion views on the #astrology tag and roughly 20 billion views on the #tarot tag.

Self-transformation, in a lot of ways, is a form of self-care and an area that's seeing exponential growth.

Author Bio

Named three times as "One of The Best 100 Psychics in The World", and "Mayfair's Best Kept Secret", Sahar Huneidi-Palmer has helped thousands of clients globally to identify what the key block is in their life, how to get unstuck and become the driver of their own destiny. Sahar is a Life Coach Columnist with many media appearances on the likes of BBC 2, LBC, CNN radio, Al Sharq Business with Bloomberg, and in various publications including Woman's Own and London's Evening Standard. Sahar is a Holistic Therapist and Intuitive Life Mentor. Her mentoring process is called 'Unbox The Real You' and is based on her unique methodology called 'The Four Dimensions of Change', which helps you heal and align your soul's creative being with your life's purpose.
Instagram: @saharpalmer
Website: SaharHuneidi.com