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Visual Timelines: Science

Inventions and Discoveries Year by Year

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

This book is a time machine!

Young readers can take a thrilling ride through the history of science - a true-life tale full of twists and turns, unforgettable people and unexpected revelations.

Written by award-winning science writer Anne Rooney, this highly visual full-color guide sets out information concisely and with clarity, accompanied by with beautiful illustrations. Discover how our world has been radically transformed by chemistry, biology, and physics - from the discovery of fire and the spoked wheel, right through to genetic engineering and the Information Age.

• Stone Age: early humans, creating fire and using tools
• Ancient civilizations: early writing, astrology and medicine.
• The Medieval and Modern periods: the Renaissance, the Solar System and the Plague
• 18th & 19th century: the Enlightenment, vaccinations and evolution
• 20th century: World Wars, computers, and the space race
• Contemporary life : the internet, genetic engineering and Covid-19

Featuring figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie and Ada Lovelace, this is a great way for readers to discover the history of science, or to reinforce their understanding by putting facts in context and developing a sense of chronology and perspective.

An illuminating read for young people aged 8+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Visual Timelines series introduces children to the history of human and scientific development, using engaging, richly illustrated timelines to pick out major events and put them in context.

Author Bio

Anne Rooney is an award-winning author who writes on science and the history of science for children and adults. Her Dinosaur Atlas was shortlisted for the Royal Young People's Book Award 2018 and won the School Library Association Information Book Award (ages 7-12), 2018. She has a degree and a PhD from Trinity College, Cambridge and has been a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Newham College, Cambridge. Her books have been translated into 22 languages.

Violet Tobacco is an illustrator based in Atlanta, GA. She studied theater in college but gravitated toward other mediums of art before graduating. Always a storyteller with an affinity for whimsy, humor, and a well-delivered moral, she is most fond of illustration as a means of expression. She enjoys working with other creative individuals to build stories that help us better understand who we are.