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The Teen Witches' Guide to Palm Reading

Discover the Secret Forces of the Universe... and Unlock your Own Hidden Power!

128 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

It will prompt kids to think about their own and their friends' traits of character, behaviour and its consequences.

Makes an ideal book to share with friends.

From Harry Potter to television shows such as Sabrina and Merlin, today's culture is filled with magic, which helps children develop an interest in all things esoteric from a very young age.

Author Bio

Xanna Eve Chown is a versatile author of books for both children and adults. She has trained as a tarot reader and was the author of a monthly Tarot column in Prediction magazine for ten years. She is also an established fiction author, and has contributed many stories to Big Finish's series of Doctor Who audio plays. She lives in Brighton, UK.

Luna Valentine is a Polish illustrator living in Nottingham, United Kingdom. At Nottingham Trent University, she studied graphic design and went on to finish a master's in illustration. When she's not drawing, Luna loves to spend time with her animals, a good book, and a cup of tea.