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The Essential Book of Celtic Spells

Magical Ways of Power

Marie Bruce

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

A definitive source of Celtic magic.

Arcturus has sold over half a million copies of this series worldwide!

Author Bio
Marie Bruce is a bestselling author, journalist and columnist who has authored over 20 books on spirituality, witchcraft and self-help. She has worked with both Bauer Publishing and Time Inc., producing lead articles and features for various magazines including Prediction, It's Fate, Fate & Fortune, Witchcraft & Wicca, Soul & Spirit, Writer's Forum, Pagan Dawn and more. Marie also wrote a column on practical witchcraft for UK esoteric magazine, Spirit & Destiny, for over eight years. Since then, she has been with Kindred Spirit magazine, writing her self-help column Creative Counselling every month. Her previous books include The Witch's Almanac, Angel Craft and Healing and Workplace Magick.