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The Big Book of Questions and Answers

Find out about Wild Animals, Space, the Oceans, Planet Earth, and More!

256 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Have you ever asked "Why?"

This beautifully illustrated book is the ideal gift for curious children. Its clever question-and-answer structure and clear, accessible language make it a great way to discover the world.

Young readers can explore topics of perennial fascination, such as:-

wild animals
outer space
our planet
how machines work

Tricky ideas are set out in clear, easy-to-understand terms, with colourful and engaging artworks that really help to clarify concepts.

A voyage of discovery for bright young things aged 5+.

Author Bio

Claire Philip is an experienced children's editor and writer based in the Essex countryside. She loves writing nonfiction books to ignite a sense of wonder in children, and has worked on hundreds of titles over the last ten years. Her favourite topics are the natural world, science, history.

Jean Claude is a self-taught illustrator who has produced work for many publishers, including Thames & Hudson. While he's most at home with his drawing tablet and a cup of strong coffee, Jean also enjoys long walks with his dog Ted, preparing elaborate meals, and visiting the zoo for artistic inspiration! He lives and works in Manchester, UK.