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Edgar Allan Poe Puzzles

Puzzles of Mystery and Imagination

Gareth Moore

256 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Edgar Allan Poe and his works have proven endlessly fascinating to audiences with adaptations and interpretations of his wok regularly appearing in different media formats.

Poe himself was a keen fan of ciphers and cryptography. This collection of puzzles is an excellent gift to challenge any fans of his writing to try to think like the genius himself.

Mike Flanagan (director of The Haunting of Hill House) will write and direct The Fall of the House of Usher (Netflix), an adaptation that will not only cover the title story, but a large number of works by the legendary Edgar Allan Poe.

Author Bio
Dr Gareth Moore is the author of a wide range of brain-training and puzzle books for both children and adults. He is the creator of online brain training site www.BrainedUp.com and runs the daily puzzle website www.PuzzleMix.com. He gained his Ph.D from Cambridge University in the field of Machine Learning, and has contributed to various advanced projects for leading technology companies.