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The Art of War and Other Chinese Military Classics

Sun Tzu Wu Qi Wei Liao Sima Rangju Jiang Ziya Stefan Harvey Anjie Cai Anderson Mengchen Wang George Fleming Rory Weaver

384 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Despite being written so long ago, the theories expressed within The Art of War are still considered shrewd and penetrating, and are used today as a source of insight into office politics, business management and corporate strategy. The lessons in the text can be applied to many areas of life.

This collectible hardback edition makes the perfect gift for anyone interested in strategy or Chinese culture.

Author Bio
Sun Tzu (544-496BC) was a Chinese general and political adviser who lived during the Spring and Autumn period of ancient China. Wu Qi (440-381BC) was a military leader and politician who lived during the Warring States period. The most ancient writer of this collection, Taigong, was a noble who helped to overthrow the Shang dynasty in China in the 11th century BC.