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Tarot Book & Card Deck

Includes a 78-Card Marseilles Deck and a 160-Page Illustrated Book

Alice Ekrek

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

This beautifully designed gift set contains a traditional Marseilles tarot deck alongside a full-color guide on tarot reading, presented in a delightful, hinged box.

This appeal to deck collectors as well as beginners wanting to learn the art of tarot reading. With practical advice on how to look after your cards and how to use them in illuminating readings for both yourself and others, this is your ideal introduction to the magical world of tarot.

Discover the Fool's Journey, the classic interpretation of what the universal symbols on tarot cards mean and how to use them to have clear insight into your everyday questions. Connect with, and cherish, this deck and begin your exploration of the world of tarot.

• A 78-card Marseilles Deck
• A 160-page Illustrated Book

Author Bio
Writer, astrologer and tarot reader Alice Ekrek is the secretary of the Sophia Committee, a body that supports the study of astrology in higher education. She is heavily involved in the astrological and tarot community and has studied these subjects for over fifteen years. She has served on the Astrological Association Council for seven years, and guest edited a number of academic texts and publications about astrology and tarot. She lives in Somerset, England.