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32 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
A young boy wakes to find his mother has left for work early but she’s also taken the time to leave him a note of encouragement, meant to guide him through his daily chores. Remember to water the plants… Remember to pick the sweetest melons by listening to their heartbeats… On the surface, the note may just look like a series of reminders to help a child navigate a vast and sometimes scary world, but it soon becomes clear that this endearing letter from mother to child is so much more, a reassurance of who’ll be home waiting to comfort him after a day’s work is through. Based on his childhood in Vietnam, debut talent Dac Trung Tran weaves a charming and whimsical storybook primed for families to read together for years to come.
Author Bio
A cubicle-bound office worker by day and illustrator by night, Dac Trung Tran (Trung) specializes in visual storytelling for children, many about Asian folklore and culture, and his books have been published in US, UK, Singapore, Vietnam, and China. He is based in Vietnam.