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Bunso Meets a Duwende

48 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
The exciting sequel to Bunso Meets a Mumu, which Kirkus called "a fantastic entry into the kid-and-monster-friendship subgenre" (starred review). This time, reader are introduced to another creature of Filipino cultural folklore: a mischievous little creature who steals toys and plays tricks on children! The Duwende. Join young Bunso on his mission to find the Duwende and recover the yummy Ube Halaya that has been stolen before his family's Thanksgiving dinner - their Kamayan - is ruined! An ideal story for kids who love monsters, friendship stories, or learning about myths from different cultures, Bunso Meets a Duwende is a galing galing (or, excellent) storytime read for Halloween, Filipino American History Month, Thanksgiving, and beyond. Includes Tagalog glossary and featured recipe.
Author Bio
Rev Valdez is a Filipino-American illustrator based in Brentwood, CA. He's passionate about introducing readers to the myths of Filipino culture through fun, funny and visual storytelling.