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Kangaroo Hops

22 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
A wild animal takes a risk and discovers its tremendous talent! In this delightful series, we follow the story of an apprehensive kid animal wondering about its limits in this great big world. As the kid tests its strength, tries something new, or even tumbles, it realizes that it is strong, capable, and powerful. Not unlike preschoolers, these animals teach us to be brave and to try new things. In doing so, we can discover some of our most incredible abilities and attributes! In this edition, we meet a kangaroo learning to hop!
Author Bio
Jill Esbaum is a widely published author of books for young readers. She is a frequent school visitor and conference speaker. She teaches writing for children at the Whispering Woods Picture Book Writing Retreat and workshops around the country. She lives with her husband on a farm near Davenport, Iowa.