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Brie & Theo: The Search for Simit (and Theo!) in Turkey

48 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
Brie and her talking cat, Theo, are huge foodies. One day, they discover a magical book that gives them the ability to transport to different parts of the world so they can experience various local cuisines. They’re so excited to try all the different foods! They learn quickly that their adventures are just for their tastebuds …Mystery and mishap awaits, as well as food, and they’re going to need to use all their senses, not just taste, to complete their journeys.Brie & Theo’s first adventure takes them to Istanbul, Turkey where they look forward to trying a popular street food called simit, a circular bread covered with sesame seeds (also know as a Turkish bagel). When they don’t quickly find the delicacy, Theo decides to befriend a few stray cats who claim they can help him find the beloved simit as a surprise for Brie. Noticing Theo is missing, Brie worries she’ll never be able to find Theo in a city known for having a large stray cat population and she starts search for him instead of the simit. Will Brie & Theo find the simit and all the other Turkish delights? And will they find each other? Part zany-magical misadventure, part education in different cultures, this series and its first installment is sure to delight curious foodies everywhere.
Author Bio
Tara is an Iranian-American author-illustrtor based out of Berkeley, CA. A UC Berkeley grad, Tara loves children’s stories that highlight food, culture, history, and the lovable bonds between humans and animals.