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This is My Bag

A Story of the Unhoused

32 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
An unhoused person carries a bag through the streets, to a shelter, to a house, to the subway, and the park. With each changing location, the protagonist and their bag also changes, reflecting the various faces and reasons for homelessness and asking the reader to contemplate themes of community, self-reliance, and the meaning of "home."
Author Bio
Roxanne Chester is an attorney, visual artist, and author. As a graduate of Berkeley Law School with a career background in advocacy, she has worked with organizations that support the unhoused. Her writing focuses on empathy and our shared humanity. This is her debut picture book.

Abe Matias is an illustrator and puppet artist based in Los Angeles, CA. He spent his childhood in Mexico making his own toys and drawing lots of stories. After getting a degree in graphic design in Chicago, he moved to LA to work as a designer, illustrator in the entertainment and gaming industry. He's done work for HarperCollins, Macmillan, Nickelodeon, Disney, HBO, and Blizzard.