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Dream Warriors: Khi's New Beginning (Spanish)

144 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
Dream Warriors are magical beings who battle "nap to night" to keep sleeping people safe from bad dreams. Each Dream Warrior is assigned a person to protect with whom they share a special connection. Their fight is honorable. They're the reason humanity can continue to dream.Now, all of that is at risk. The Bad Dreams have teamed up to conduct a multi-layer plan to convert all dreams into nightmares and permanently scar the human race. It's up to the Dream Warriors, including newbie Khi, to defeat them. But, Khi, misses his old life and is still just trying to figure out his new normal: living in the dream realm and being...well...a super hero. Will he muster up the courage to embrace his new life? Will he be able keep his slumbering sister safe while she sleeps at night? And will he and the other Dream Warriors be able to protect the earthly realm from the Bad Dreams for good?
Author Bio
Jesse Byrd is an international award-winning children's book author and the youngest NPR Board member. At 6'8", Jesse pivoted from playing basketball at UCSB to pursue his passion for storytelling. After working at Google in Silicon Valley and later EY in Dubai as Director of Communications for Middle East and North Africa, Jesse turned all of his energy toward his deepest love: making stories for youth and families with a focus on supporting diverse creators and #own voices material. He's written six children's books and helped produce over 40 others as an editor, art director, and publishing consultant. Jesse is based in Los Angeles, CA. Yonson is a cartoonist and illustrator from the Dominican Republic. As a graduate of Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), he specializes in illustration, character design, comics, digital coloring, plus traditional and digital inking.