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I Grab the Mic

48 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
Kiss stage fright goodbye.
You're superfly.
Grab that mic!

I Grab the Mic is this first in a picture book series featuring kids overcoming challenging scenarios and building confidence, all written through the lyrical hip-hop inspired verse. In this first story, a young girl and her friends grapple with the nerves that comes with speaking and performing in front of a group. Ultimately the kids all find the confidence to share their voice!
Author Bio
Malik Sickstein is a psychologist, Hip-Hop Historian, proud Bison, and recording artist who co-authored the critically acclaimed YA novel "Let Me Hear a Rhyme." He is a committee panelist for the Virginia Children's Book Festival and is passionate about writing children's and adult non-fiction that express life lessons. He is the product of three places, Harlem NYC (where he was born), D.C. (his second home), and the SF Bay Area (where he lives).