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Grumpy Milo & Grumpy Grandpa

32 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
Jesse's family has adopted Milo the kitten from the shelter. But little do they know that Milo was "born under a raincloud" and is perfectly happy to be grumpy! When Milo refuses to play with Jesse and retreats to hide under the couch instead, the family thinks that is that. Until, surprisingly, Milo starts to bond with the family's grumpiest member: Grandpa.

Eventually, being in one another's company reminds Milo and Grandpa about the power of trust and friendship, and they become more inclined to spend time with the rest of the family. Even if they still want to do it with a scowl!

This beautifully crafted storytime book is a charming reminder about the joys and freedoms that come from going outside your comfort zone.
Author Bio
Originally from Ukraine, Katerina works and lives as a professor and artist in Northern California. She received her BFA in illustration from San Jose State in 2019.