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Cake Mix

Learning to love all your ingredients

32 pages
Paw Prints Publishing
A young mixed-race girl named Remy, encounters that intrusive question, "What are you?" during her first day at a new school, which sends her on a journey towards self-acceptance. Feeling confused about where she belongs, Remy learns about ethnicity and what it means to be mixed by doing her favorite activity with her mother: baking. When she then returns to school, Remy shares the importance and deliciousness of celebrating different backgrounds with all of her classmates.
Author Bio
Mikki Hernandez is an actress, voiceover artist, and writer. She attended UCLA earning a degree in Communications and works in film, television, and commercials. She is of mixed-race heritage and enjoys discussing culture and new perspectives on her blog MixedKids&Co. In her free time, she can be found dancing all night long or planning her next international trip. Mikki lives in Los Angeles. IG: @momikki Victoria Lewis is an Afro-Caribbean freelance artist. She currently attends Pratt Institute as an Illustration Major and is based in Maryland and New York. In her work, she takes a lot of inspiration from music, daily life, and dreams. Prior to art school, she was entirely self-taught and looked to Disney movies, cartoons, and anime, as well as all things whimsical for art style cues. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, listening to music, playing video games, and traveling. IG: @louieskittles