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Bunso Meets a Mumu

48 pages
Paw Prints Publishing

Meet Bunso, a boy with a really scary problem. It's the Mumu, the Filipino version of the Boogeyman, who likes to punish kids who misbehave by sucking the fun out of everything! The Mumu will not let Bunso draw (on the walls), eat ice cream (before dinner), or play video games (his older brother's). But Bunso has had enough! Gearing up to fight back against this destroyer of fun, Bunso makes surprising discoveries about the Mumu (and himself) in this fun, comic-like illustrated picture book that introduces children to Filipino culture and words.

About the Series
Bunso Meets... is a hilarious and educational picture book series exploring the mythical monsters of Filipino mythology. In each book, Bunso, the youngest in his family, will learn the lore of the his heritage's monsters, encounter featured creature, and discover something unexpected along the way.

Author Bio
Rev Valdez is a Filipino-American illustrator based in Brentwood, CA. He's passionate about introducing readers to the myths of Filipino culture through fun, funny and visual storytelling.